All of us at L & L Realty LLC share a common goal, to simplify the signing process for both your company and the borrowers.

Right from the start, you'll notice the L & L Realty LLC

 difference. Scheduling a closing has never been

so easy. While we're pleased with our technological

advantage over other companies, what sets

L & L Realty LLC apart truly is our qualified

Signing Agents.

Our  Signing Agent is the best in the field, guaranteed. All of our agents have gone through our application process in which we: evaluate their background and work ethic, check references from previous customers, and test their knowledge of fundamentals. When a qualified candidate is found, they must attend our NLC training process before performing closings. Once a member of our team, National Loan Closers ensures all Signing Agents are up to date on pertinent issues and state-specific documents. We offer the coverage you need while sacrificing none of the quality you've come to expect from the foremost leader in the industry.

L & L Realty LLC has been ranked #1 by lenders and title companies for our national team of agents, and our productive and efficient use of technology. Our commitment, experience, and technological advantage will help you meet and exceed your closing 
expectations while saving your company money through improved efficiency.